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For Clinicians

For clinicians

How We Support Clinicians

We recognize the pivotal role you play in the lives of children and families, particularly in the realm of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Our goal is to be a valuable resource and partner to your practice, by providing support and services that can enhance the care of your patients.

Confidence in Early Autism Diagnosis

Our primary mission is to reduce delays in an autism diagnosis. By collaborating with us, you can be assured that your patients have access to earlier and more accurate diagnoses, enabling them to start interventions at a time when it matters most.

How We Support Clinicians

We offer a comprehensive range of services that complement your clinical experience. By working with Autism Path 2 Care, you gain a trusted partner that can assist you in providing the best possible care for your patients dealing with a potential developmental delay. We’re here to provide clarity for your complex patients.

Why Canvas Dx?

Canvas Dx, created by Cognoa, is an FDA-authorized prescription diagnostic tool designed to objectively diagnose or rule out ASD in patients aged 18 to 72 months. Our goal is to address the pressing issue of late ASD diagnosis by providing a solution that allows for earlier and more accurate identification.

Get in Touch

For any questions or to learn more about how we can support your clinical practice, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are dedicated to ensuring you have the resources and confidence needed to provide the best care for children and families.

Partner with us to make a difference in the early diagnosis and intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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